Purple Drink Lean

Purple drank, also called purple drank and many other names, is an illegal narcotic drink, usually prepared by mixing prescription-grade cough syrups with pop or hard candy and a flavored hard drink. The recipe originated in Houston, Texas, and is extremely popular among the urban hip hop culture or people who live in the southern United States or those that are in between. However, it is also very popular in places where people are either poor or have a difficult time making ends meet like Texas or Florida.

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As it turned out, “pink drank” did not refer to drinks containing illegal substances. Instead, it referred to the combination of drinks that were commonly served at weddings, parties and other social events. This is probably the reason why “pink drank lean” became a slang term for legal low priced drinks served at weddings. The combination of purple drank lean was also used to describe cocktails that contain a large amount of alcoholic drinks; however, a bar can legally serve any mix of alcohol as long as they call it purple drank lean or something similar. In fact, in many cases, you would not be able to tell the difference between a legal low-priced cocktail and an illegal hard drink at a wedding or party because the price of the drinks themselves was almost the same!

The mixture is typically mixed with cranberry juice or orange juice, honey and sometimes butterscotch. These additives give the drinks their distinct color and flavor. If you have ever tasted a purple drank lean that contains butterscotch or similar flavored sweetener, you will know what I am talking about. These sweeteners give the drinks their distinctive flavor, which gives them a nice, thick taste that can be almost too thick to be enjoyable. Because of this thick flavor, this alcohol should be consumed in moderation, especially if you are really trying to lose weight!

One of the best things about this delicious blend of drinks is that it has zero calories! A purple drank lean is not a full meal, so you don’t gain weight with it – a great advantage over many dieting cocktail drinks out there. It’s easy to make; all you need is grape juice, fresh lemons and ice. Simply pour your grape juice over the top and shake until the foam comes to the top, then strain into a large bowl.

To enjoy this healthy cocktail, you simply need to add water and mix thoroughly. If you prefer, you may also want to include some sugar-free gum to help cut down on the calories. You can even make some extra purple drank lean by blending two other fruits in equal amounts; use the pulp to garnish your drink. If you choose to keep the drink cold, you may even add a squeeze of lemon or lime to the glass as well, just to give it that extra zest!

As far as drinks go, this is one of the more interesting ones out there, since you can actually taste the ingredients and determine how they will taste when they are made. If you are not a big fan of the grape juice, for example, you can use orange juice or limes. Some people like the lime flavor so much, they even add chai tea to their cocktail recipes. There are plenty of purple drank recipes out there that can be used to make a wonderfully unique healthy cocktail. When you are feeling sluggish and dull, just slip a purple drank lean into your morning mug and feel instantly better!

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