How to Use a QR Code Scanner

A QR code (abbreviation for Quick Response code) is an identification pattern of a particular product or service. It consists of a unique code that a smart phone or other device reads to identify itself. A QR code can be read by a normal web camera or even a laptop. With the advent of smart phones, digital barcodes are fast replacing traditional barcodes as a way to identify products. As a result, manufacturers are quick to invest in smart phone applications that can scan a bar code and provide relevant data about the product.

QR codes are usually created with two independent images – one designed for a standard scanning tool and another designed for a smart phone. Because smart phones have different sized screens, you need to create separate images for each screen size. This means that if you want to use a QR code on a 4.5″ smartphone, you will need to scan that code on a different smart phone. On a related note, when you try to run a QR code on a tablet, you need to scale the image to fit the display, not just enlarge it.

To create a QR code, the manufacturer follows two separate approaches. The first involves connecting the camera or micro lens of the smart phone to a computer using Bluetooth or a USB cable. With the help of a computer, the computer software can identify which smart phone model you are using and then prompt you to scan the code on the browser. If successful, a series of code bars will show up on your smart phone’s screen. Each code is associated with a specific product, so you can select which product you wish to order by selecting the code of the product you want to buy.

For more sophisticated designs, the manufacturers also use an in-built bar code scanner. They embed a special kind of scanner into the smart phone’s hardware, and this scanner is able to read the code that is associated with the product. The smart phone then directs you to a website where you can read the code and make the purchase.

It is possible to find these smart phones online. However, there are certain advantages that you might not get if you go for online purchase. One of those advantages is the fact that an in-built bar code scanner cannot be used for all kinds of smart phones. If your smart phone does not support the Bluetooth technology, you may also not be able to read the codes.

Therefore, it is important that you choose a smart phone that supports at least Bluetooth technology, especially if you intend to use a code scanner. When you look for the right product, you will see that they are available in different shapes and sizes. It is important that you buy a product that is convenient to carry, lightweight, and slim. You can even try to play with different codes to get different effects.

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