You will find quite a few Airsoft events happening this season at which Airsofters from across the UK and Europe come together to playwith, purchase and market and socialize with other players.

National Airsoft Festival- 28th August-30th August 2020

Somerly Estate, Ringwood, Hampshire, BH24 2DF

The National Airsoft Festival has been held within a complete weekend annually since 2007 and is currently based in Ringwood, Hampshire.

The festival has grown year for one to grow into one of the largest parties of Airsoft players on earth, not just the United Kingdom.

The standout feature of the weekend is Ground Zero, a two-day Airsoft game happening over 175 acres of land together with terrain varying from open roads to tunnels and bunkers.

The event puts a great deal of attention on the societal component of people coming together to discuss their hobby with like-minded people while pubs, stalls and live music give it a legitimate holiday sense.

Booking for your event is not yet available but if you are interested, you need to check the National Airsoft Festival Facebook page to get updates.

North V South Airsoft & Combat Festival 8th — 10th May 2020

MOD / / DIO (Defence Infrastucture Organisation) Swynnerton, Cold Meece, (nr Eccleshall), Staffordshire, ST15 0QN.

The North V South Festival thought started off with paintball but was opened up to the Airsoft marketplace a couple of years back with its occasion.

Around 400 Airsoft players will converge on Staffordshire for 3 occasions with lots of game types available throughout.

In general, there’s over 600 acres of land in which these different games take place through the day.

Since the festival name suggests, the principal attraction of the weekend is that the massive north versus south battle which happens on the Sunday and it’s up to you to determine which side you’re on.

There are distinct events such as axe throwing and archery combat to include more variety to the weekend.

Booking is available today and tickets are still available.

Midlands Airsoft Fair Sunday 7th June 2020

Lcoln Rd, Coddington, Newark NG24 2NY

The Midlands Airsoft Fair focusses on the buying and selling of Airsoft guns and equipment rather than on the playing.

It started off as a Airsoft boot sale, and it has climbed on a huge scale but there’s still a boot buy element for it.

The fair can be obtained for five and a half hours on a single day giving you a great deal of time to look around different stools to find out if there is anything that you want to purchase.

If you have gear to sell, there continue to be areas open for reserving for one to install your own pitch; if you merely wish to check around or buy, you just just have to turn up on the day.

Milsim occasions

Some Airsoft websites in the UK host specific events with specific situations that are more than your regular walk-in weekend games, with motifs and also set rules to follow; below are a couple of honourable mentions:

24hr Milsim–Descent: Homeland March 28th-March 29th 2020

Hosted by Gunman Airsoft, this 50 player event occurs over a constant 24 hours at Eversley, Hampshire.

Bramley BattleSim: Operation Darkwood

Legion Airsoft Occasions hosts a 7 hour with military objectives, roles as well as the terrain to match.

It is worth keeping an eye on websites near you which provide these sort of themed events to produce a change to your normal game like the huge festivals play.


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